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Since Photo Booth is so simple to use, an easy to operate touch screen menu makes life easy for users of all ages, there is a wonderful spontaneity about the messages that are left.

You can adjust the recording times, add personalised messages and even include a slide show of photos to be featured when the Photo Booth is not in use.

Most importantly built into our Photo Booth are TV quality video cameras, this ensures perfect picture quality when watching your DVD,s in years to come. These are the highest quality Video Kiosks available on the market.

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The Memories Kiosk is designed to take the shyness and awkwardness of leaving wedding greetings away from being recorded by a cameraman. With the Kiosk, you can leave you message when you are ready – maybe you need a few drinks first! Even when you record your message, if you are not happy, you can delete it and start again.

The Kiosk allows you to take photos or leave 30 second video clips, allowing you enough time to leave a personal greeting, tell a story, share a toast, or just dance – using some novelty props such as giant glasses, moustaches, wigs and clothing. The Kiosk is about having fun and making the resulting DVD as memorable for the Bride and Groom as possible.

These DVD’s are professionally edited with a personal greeting on a special DVD disc which can be shared with friends and family. The DVD also comes in a special case making it watch-able for years to come.

There is also an extra option of uploading the videos to youtube, allowing you to watch the footage online and sharing it on social networks, such as Facebook, for your friends and family, both local and abroad, to enjoy.


1. How does the Memories Kiosk work?
The Memories Kiosk is very easy to be used, and can be operated by both kids and adults with ease. In their own time, guests can simply walk up to the Kiosk, and they are greeted by a personalised welcome screen. They can then simply touch the screen and click either “Take a Picture” or “Record a Video”.

2. How many times can I record on the Memories Kiosk?
The Memories Kiosk does not have a limit on the amount of videos and photos you can take at a wedding. This allows your guess to record as much footage as they want, as often as they want, without fail. Remember, if the guest does not like a message they have recorded, they can simply delete and record again.

3. What is the size of the Memories Kiosk unit?
The Memories Kiosk is 1.4m (H) x 620mm (Screen Width) x 510mm (Base Depth)

4. How do I view my photographs and video footage?
Each booking includes a professionally edited DVD. This DVD is sent back within a month of the event occurring. There is also an additional option of uploading the footage to YouTube, making it possible to share the footage with family and friends, home and abroad, on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These videos are uploaded as an unlisted video, so only the people you share the video with will be able to see it, and it will not be searchable on Youtube.

5. How long can I have the Memories Kiosk at my event?
For weddings, the Memories Kiosk will be delivered to the event location and set up prior to your guests arrival. We understand all events do not start at the same time so pre-arranged deliveries can be organised. In most cases, the Memories Kiosk is left overnight and collected the next morning, allowing guests to have fun and leave messages all night long.

6. How can I ensure my guests will record messages?
When we set up the Kiosk before the guests arrive, we also place table cards giving details about the kiosk and how to use it on the tables at the wedding. We also encourage the Best Man to announce the Kiosk location during his speech to remind everybody to use the kiosk. The footage from the event depends on the guests so they must be encouraged to use it as much as possible.

7. Can the Memories Kiosk be personalised for my event?
We can personalise the Memories Kiosk with up to 5 images which rotate across the welcome screen while the Kiosk is idle, thereby inviting your guests to interact. These images can be provided as pictures of the Bride & Groom, or we can provide images.

8. What is needed to reserve a Memories Kiosk?
To provisionally book our unique Memories Kiosk to capture all those pictures and video recorded messages on your wedding day, celebration or corporate event, just the contact form below including the date and venue of the event. We’ll make contact shortly after to confirm the availability of the Kiosk on that day.

9. How does the Memories Kiosk differ from a Photo Booth?
While Photo Booths offer instant photo’s and a guestbook album, The Events Kiosk gives you both video and photo memories of your guests on your own fully edited DVD and optionally through YouTube. The Memories Kiosk fits easily into any venue with its sleek design, while a Photo booth requires a much larger dedicated space. And rather than have an attendant there overseeing its use for a limited duration, The Memories Kiosk is operated by your guests in their own time as it’s there for the entire event, great for weddings, parties, anniversaries….or any special occasion!

10. How do I ensure I get good quality photos and videos from the Events Kiosk?
It is important to remember that the photo booth does not completely replace a professional Photographer or Videographer, but it does give you an honest recording by guests who are not pressured by the cameraman to say something. Guests can prepare themselves to use our Kiosk and this allows them to leave the best messages and memories, as they can delete footage if they are not happy with it. A photographer or videographer tend to stay at the wedding until after the first dance, yet the Memories Kiosk is not taken early – it is left to capture the best memories late into the night!

We will set it up in the optimum position to ensure the best possible lighting and backdrop, while also taking into account what else is happening at your venue such as music, dance floor, venue staff movement, etc. (It is therefore important that it is not moved during the event). To ensure great results please just make sure your guests stand close when using the kiosk – especially in low light conditions.

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